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PhoneCurry was really very useful to me...I could choose my budget worthy mobile easily!!

Sandip Chakraborty

May 2018

I love to use PhoneCurry...the suggestions which I got from PhoneCurry were really very true, correct and helpful....And I can say it because I am using PhoneCurry from the last 15 months at least, and it helped me and my friends a lot!!

Amit Sarawagi

May 2018

Your site truly gives a view of what to buy in a very short and comprehensive manner!!

Abhisek Banerjee

May 2018

I am a fan of your site since long back...I also purchased a couple of smartphones after consulting phonecurry... It's great!!

Subhasish Dutta

May 2018

You are doing a phenomenal job with phonecurry...I am using phonecurry from many years...I have checked your website every time whenever I had to buy any phone...I also recommended your site to everyone who asked me or was discussing - which phone to buy...I wish you all the best, and wish phonecurry to grow very high!!

Sanjay Kukreja

May 2018

This is really a very good start up..I am quite impressed with the smooth interface....I always get too confused and I have been wasting my time since last 3 days because of the flash sale going on, and I wanted to exchange my old phone, so today after visiting your site I concluded finally about which phone to buy...Thanks for this awesome site...Wish you good luck!!

Subhrajeet Pradhan

May 2018

It's just that I always use PhoneCurry...and it is very special for me as I have bought my first Android phone (Xiaomi Mi4i ) by referring to PhoneCurry, 3 years back! For me, it has always been the best site for comparing phones and selecting phones too..I have also suggested it to many of my friends...All the best...I love this site and I will recommending it to others!!

Sanol Sankalp

May 2018

Seriously PhoneCurry is the best website to compare phones and I even recommend it to my friends to use it when they plan on buying a new phone... Your team is doing a great job...Good luck!!

Prajwal Sachin

May 2018

PhoneCurry helped me lot to select my new smartphone....Now I am a owner of Redmi Note5 Pro....PhoneCurry gives the absolute full features of the phones that we are looking for.....Thanks!!

Anzil J

May 2018

It's excellent....One day I went to a shop with a budget of about 13,000 rupees....The seller confused me between Note 4 and Oppo...Then I went to PhoneCurry and it solved my problem in 5 minutes...Thanks PhoneCurry...This site is amazing!!

Arvind rawat

May 2018