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I have been using PhoneCurry for more than 3-4 years and I have never felt the need to visit any other platform or website to make my decision!! This website gives a true and more importantly an unbiased rating and review!! Congratulations and thank you to the team behind this great work!!

Jay Doshi

Aug 2017

I enjoy your website a lot!! It has helped me very much whenever I have wanted to purchase a phone for myself or my friends & relatives....And your new UI is too good!! Thanks!!

Abhishek Kumar

Aug 2017

PhoneCurry website is the best!! Easy to compare phones...Thank you!!


Aug 2017

Very good stuff! India's no.1 phone search engine... Bless you all!!

Rao Naresh Shyampura

Aug 2017

It's one of the best websites to compare cell phones! I have been using this site for almost 5-6 years now...You get the best comparison, best prices (almost all the time)....In short its a one-stop window, to read the expert reviews, view the relevant videos...Plus it's up to date...Keep up the good work. Kudos!!

Archit Pamecha

Jul 2017

PhoneCurry ROCKS!!! The number 1 portal for mobiles!

Ashwani Kumar

Jul 2017

This website is my favourite since 2 years, when I first started using it !! And you keep improving it more and more!

Rajendra Prasad

Jun 2017

The way this website has transformed is amazing!!


Jun 2017

The new interface is awesome...and the new performance score helps a lot!!

Saahil Lashkari

Jun 2017

App looks even better and is easier to use than earlier!!

Animesh Kundaji

Jun 2017