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I have been using PhoneCurry since school when it was in early stage! I suggest all my friends and colleagues to visit PhoneCurry before they purchase a phone to know which phone to buy and it also helps them compare with alternatives to pick the right phone!

Mohamed Haleeth

Jan 2020

I find PhoneCurry really amazing!

Tiya Rathore

Jan 2020

I used PhoneCurry and really liked it! The comparison is very convenient. I will continue to use it in future to decide what phone to buy!


Jan 2020

I really like how smartly PhoneCurry compare phones!


Jan 2020

PhoneCurry is undoubtedly the best platform for choosing phone and I'm using it from 4 years! Thanks a lot for such an amazing initiative!

Srajan Jain

Dec 2019

PhoneCurry make it extremely easy for even non-techie people to find best phone in their budget! Suggestions from PhoneCurry are perfect! Excellent score, Value for money score are perfect to identify a phone! Keep up the good work!

Arp Nayee

Dec 2019

PhoneCurry is the most comprehensive and decisively eloquent site for all mobile phone buyers ever! My favourite site!

Dr Somshekhar Velury

Dec 2019

I always choose PhoneCurry to compare phones, it does the job in just a few seconds! I love it!!


Dec 2019

PhoneCurry is awesome man! And we are support and love it!

Saran shanker

Dec 2019

It's really creative move to provide such a great platform like PhoneCurry, which is so easy to use! It's really hard to decide what phone to buy these days, even I regret choosing a wrong phone. But it's now easy with PhoneCurry!

Salman Hussain

Dec 2019