B2B Services

While PhoneCurry.com is our consumer-facing engine, PhoneCurry also offers 10+ services for businesses, built on top of our amazing data platform. Interested? Write to us at contact@phonecurry.com

Daily Reports/Intelligence

  • What is selling?
  • What are people searching for?
  • Key pricing analytics (competitor analysis)
  • Inventory intelligence (what to stock, what is expected to do well?)

Content Licensing

  • High accuracy, updated phone specifications
  • Conversion improving systems
    • Why to buy a phone? (summary of positives, based on PhoneCurry 2 Minute Review)
    • Positives quotes about the phone from Review Sites
    • Quick Comparisons with Similar Phones
  • Other content
    • Best Phone Lists Content (Example: "Best Android Phones Under 15,000"), customized to phone availablity with the ecommerce engine
    • Phone Buying Guides

AI/Human Chat Support

  • Chat support on 'what phone to buy' for your users, to help decisions / improve conversions
  • AI only or AI+Human chat support, along-with necessary training
  • Recommendations automatically tied to product availability with the ecommerce engine

Staff Training

  • 1 week online courses for shop staff, to "help people decide which phone to buy"
  • Continuing education modules
  • Continuously updated content

Personalized Recommendation Software

  • Customized software to assist shop staff in helping people decide what phone to buy, according to their requirements
  • Recommendations customized to product availability, margins!

Sponsored Ad Play

  • Dedicated native ads
  • Sponsored video ads on your phone pages
  • Intelligent User Reach
    • Reach out to users using phones of your brand
    • Reach out when they are looking to buy a new phone
    • Reach out with ads/deals/updates
    • Reach out to people using similar phones from competing brands

Content Licensing

  • "Best Phone" articles, powered by PhoneCurry

Prices Widget

  • 'Buying options' widget for phone articles, showing live prices from across 20+ e-commerce stores

Consulting on Bulk Phone Purchases

  • Want to buy a large volume of phones for your staff/fleet for work purposes? Get direct advice on what phone to buy, where to buy it from, how to get bulk discounts