How do recommendations work?

How we do our magic!

  1. Every phone on phonecurry is assigned our unique magic score, that takes into account a multitude of factors. It is a complex, self-evolving score, that we believe is the most accurate "live" phone score on the planet!

      Most important magic score parameters

    • 1. opinion from expert/user reviews (vetted by the phonecurry team)
      high weightage
    • 2. phone popularity
      medium weightage
    • 3. phone newness
      medium weightage
    • 4. brand rating, perception, and service quality
      medium weightage
  2. The score evolves daily, magically, to reflect changes in the individual factors!
  3. Long story short, leave the research work to us! Just fire up phonecurry when you are looking to buy a phone. Satisfaction guaranteed!