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Updated: Jun 22 (Today)



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  1. Nokia 6.1 (4GB RAM, 64GB)
    Nokia 6.1

    4GB RAM, 64GB

    ₹ 15,132 onwards

            Huge upgrade over its predecessor
  2. Nokia 7 Plus (Android One)
    Nokia 7 Plus

    Android One

    ₹ 22,952 onwards

            One of those quietly good all-rounders that don't get us all hyped-up and excited, but are the ones we recommend to a friend as the sensible option
  3. Nokia 8 Sirocco (Android One)
    Nokia 8 Sirocco

    Android One

    ₹ 45,780 onwards

            The sheer joy of using it can’t be beaten....we’ve enjoyed using the Nokia 8 Sirocco a whole lot more than many other smartphones over the last few months
  4. Nokia 6.1 (3GB RAM, 32GB)
    Nokia 6.1

    3GB RAM, 32GB

    ₹ 13,610 onwards

            The Nokia 6.1 is durable, fast, and receives timely updates...You can't ask for more from a phone at this price
  5. Nokia 1
    Nokia 1

    ₹ 3,956 onwards