Our social commitment

We are about a little more than just helping you find the best phone.

  • PhoneCurry is not your regular company. Our primary mission is not to maximize profit, but to maximize positive impact - to make big and small improvements in the quality of life of the maximum number of people. To add a little happiness to people's lives.
  • For our users, we of course do this by helping them make an important choice - what phone to buy. But that is not all. We also want to, as an organization, help people outside this sphere.
  • Therefore, we as an organization are committed to contributing 10% of our revenue (earned via commissions when you go to one of our sale partners - Flipkart, Amazon etc from phonecurry, and complete a purchase) to some excellent charitable organizations that our working to better the world.
  • 10% of our revenue will go to these organizations, in roughly 1/3rd, 1/3rd, 1/3rd proportions
    • Helpage India: Works with and for the elderly
    • PETA: Works for animal rights
    • Goonj: Works to collect and recycle discarded clothes for the poor and distressed
So every time you buy a phone going via phonecurry, you are helping make a difference. Thanks for your support!