Latest phones from Huawei, launched in the last 3 months!

Updated: Oct 22 (Today)



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  1. Huawei Honor 7S
    Huawei Honor 7S

    ₹ 6,999 onwards

            While it does look quite good, we found actual usage to be frustrating on multiple levels
  2. Huawei Nova 3
    Huawei Nova 3

    ₹ 34,999 onwards

            Cameras lead the charge for this compelling premium smartphone
  3. Huawei Nova 3i
    Huawei Nova 3i

    ₹ 20,990 onwards

            A premium-looking budget smartphone with little to no complaints
  4. Huawei Honor Play (4GB RAM)
    Huawei Honor Play

    4GB RAM

    ₹ 19,999 onwards

            The Honor Play has one of the best bang-for-the-buck ratios, probably bested only by the Pocophone F1 by Xiaomi
  5. Huawei Honor Play (6GB RAM)
    Huawei Honor Play

    6GB RAM

    ₹ 23,999 onwards

            An excellent smartphone that comes very close to matching a premium, flagship smartphone
  6. Huawei Honor 9N (3GB RAM, 32GB)
    Huawei Honor 9N

    3GB RAM, 32GB

    ₹ 10,599 onwards

            Easily your go-to phone in 2018....checks all the necessary boxes for a youth-friendly phone
  7. Huawei Honor 9N (4GB RAM, 128GB)
    Huawei Honor 9N

    4GB RAM, 128GB

    ₹ 15,785 onwards

            Brings the Honor 10’s elegant design to a sub 15K price point, but the corners that have had to be cut are obvious
  8. Huawei Honor 9N (4GB RAM, 64GB)
    Huawei Honor 9N

    4GB RAM, 64GB

    ₹ 13,851 onwards

            A beautiful piece of design and hardware...but held back by its performance