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Updated: Dec 19 (Today)



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  1. Samsung Galaxy A9 (8GB RAM, 2018)
    Samsung Galaxy A9

    8GB RAM, 2018

    ₹ 37,981 onwards

            Does not live up to the hype
  2. Samsung Galaxy A9 (6GB RAM, 2018)
    Samsung Galaxy A9

    6GB RAM, 2018

    ₹ 35,140 onwards

            If you are thinking of buying the Samsung Galaxy A9 purely for photography purposes, caught up by the hype, we would suggest holding off
  3. Samsung Galaxy A7 (6GB RAM, 128GB, 2018)
    Samsung Galaxy A7

    6GB RAM, 128GB, 2018

    ₹ 25,595 onwards

            The Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018) is for someone looking to maximise the smartphone imaging capabilties...otherwise it's not the best performer in this price bracket
  4. Samsung Galaxy A7 (4GB RAM, 64GB, 2018)
    Samsung Galaxy A7

    4GB RAM, 64GB, 2018

    ₹ 21,699 onwards

            In the end, the Galaxy A7 (2018) has a lot going for it...However, it's handicapped in key areas that make it hard to wholeheartedly recommend
  5. Samsung Galaxy J6 Plus
    Samsung Galaxy J6 Plus

    ₹ 14,490 onwards

            Priced on a higher side and you have much better options in online e-commerce market
  6. Samsung Galaxy J4 Plus
    Samsung Galaxy J4 Plus

    ₹ 9,990 onwards

            The new Galaxy J phones are average at best