Latest phones, in Rs. 10,000 - 15,000, launched in the last 3 months!

Updated: Jan 25 (Today)



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  1. Huawei Honor 9X (4GB RAM)
    Huawei Honor 9X

    4GB RAM

    ₹ 13,999 onwards

            Honor has a record of producing phones that look like flagships, but are actually less than half the price, and the 9X is no exception
  2. Oppo A5 (6GB RAM, 128GB, 2020)
    Oppo A5

    6GB RAM, 128GB, 2020

    ₹ 14,990 onwards

            The overall experience is good...can be a good choice for those who want stylish looks and big battery in this price bracket
  3. realme 5s 128GB
    realme 5s


    ₹ 10,999 onwards

            Brilliant execution
  4. Vivo U20 (6GB RAM)
    Vivo U20

    6GB RAM

    ₹ 11,990 onwards

            A good option for those who want to play graphics-heavy games but don’t want an expensive device
  5. Vivo U20 (4GB RAM)
    Vivo U20

    4GB RAM

    ₹ 10,990 onwards

            If you need a smartphone that does not leave you alone before your day is over even after heavy gaming or hours of video streaming, then Vivo U20 will be the best option for you....But if you love photography and need a good camera smartphone then you sho
  6. Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 (3GB RAM, 32GB)
    Xiaomi Redmi Note 8

    3GB RAM, 32GB

    ₹ 10,399 onwards

            Under Rs 10,000, this is the phone to buy
  7. Vivo Y19
    Vivo Y19

    ₹ 13,700 onwards

  8. Vivo Z1x (4GB RAM, 128GB)
    Vivo Z1x

    4GB RAM, 128GB

    ₹ 14,990 onwards

            A more refined version of the Vivo Z1 Pro
  9. Motorola Moto G8 Plus
    Motorola Moto G8 Plus

    ₹ 13,999 onwards

            Brings together the best of the Motorola One-series and Moto G-series smartphones....a unique product in the midrange segment
  10. Nokia 6.1 (4GB RAM, 32GB)
    Nokia 6.1

    4GB RAM, 32GB

    ₹ 13,999 onwards

            The Nokia 6.1 is durable, fast, and receives timely updates...You can't ask for more from a phone at this price