Latest phones, under Rs. 14,000, launched in the last 3 months!

Updated: Feb 17 (Today)



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  1. TECNO Camon iAce2X
    TECNO Camon iAce2X

    ₹ 7,599 onwards

  2. TECNO Camon iAce2
    TECNO Camon iAce2

    ₹ 6,699 onwards

  3. Coolpad Cool 3
    Coolpad Cool 3

    ₹ 5,999 onwards

  4. Samsung Galaxy M20 (4GB RAM, 64GB)
    Samsung Galaxy M20

    4GB RAM, 64GB

    ₹ 12,990 onwards

            Only a viable option if you absolutely must have a wide-angle camera...for everything else, there is a better alternative
  5. realme C1 (3GB RAM, 2019)
    realme C1

    3GB RAM, 2019

    ₹ 8,499 onwards

            A good value-for-money smartphone that you cannot go wrong with, whether you are looking for a secondary device or you’re a first-time smartphone buyer
  6. Samsung Galaxy M20 (3GB RAM, 32GB)
    Samsung Galaxy M20

    3GB RAM, 32GB

    ₹ 10,990 onwards

            Samsung still has a long way to go before it can truly compete with the likes of Xiaomi, Honor or Asus in the budget segment
  7. Samsung Galaxy M10 (3GB RAM, 32GB)
    Samsung Galaxy M10

    3GB RAM, 32GB

    ₹ 8,990 onwards

            A device for Samsung fans who are looking for a phone with a modern design, but options such as the Realme C1 and Xiaomi Redmi 6 are more rounded devices at around the same price
  8. realme C1 (2GB RAM, 2019)
    realme C1

    2GB RAM, 2019

    ₹ 7,499 onwards

            At this price, the Realme C1 offers plenty of value...It would be hard to find another smartphone that matches the performance and features it delivers
  9. Samsung Galaxy M10 (2GB RAM, 16GB)
    Samsung Galaxy M10

    2GB RAM, 16GB

    ₹ 7,990 onwards

            Samsung has finally delivered a decent user experience in the budget segment
  10. Lava Z92
    Lava Z92

    ₹ 9,999 onwards