Nokia 8110 4G 


launchOct, 2018

This phone is discontinued.
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  • Sturdy construction
  • Iconic 'banana phone' design made famous by the Matrix movie - Nokia’s reloaded 8110 4G is the second release in its retro Nokia Originals series, the first being 2017’s Nokia 3310
  • The 8110 4G is noticeably lighter and sleeker than its 20th-century ancestor - it weighs 117g compared to the original’s 145g, and the protruding aerial is, thankfully, no longer present
  • The 2018 release also has more compact dimensions and is much more pocket-friendly
  • You can still answer phone calls in the same very satisfying way - simply slide down the cover to answer, and slide it back up to hang up
  • The curved casing also enables the “helicopter spin” - place the phone on its back on any flat surface and give it a spin and it’ll twirl for up to 45 seconds - if you are into such things!
  • Keyboard slider not spring-loaded, and is on the stiff side
  • Buttons are mushy and sometimes unresponsive - navigation keys are particularly bad and too small to use
  • Surfaces are easily scratched - this goes for the display as well
  • The most challenging aspect of the 8110 4G is however the keyboard - if you are switching from a smartphone, the T9 keypad will not give you an easy time


  • The Nokia 8110 4G has a tiny 2.7in TFT screen with a 3:4 aspect ratio and a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels - it feels absurdly small by modern standards, and it looks cheap, with poor viewing angles, particularly beneath bright lighting
  • Watching YouTube videos is like going back in a time machine. You can forget about HD - even if you turn the phone on its side and set the video mode to full-screen, the image is small and smeary
  • Not a touchscreen - which would have been nice to have - the display’s clearly too small for touch typing, but it would be nice to be able to scroll browser pages with your thumb, swipe through pictures and pause and skip videos


  • Runs KaiOS, a feature-phone operating system with a limited number of smartphone features (also there in JioPhone) - it comes with a few pre-installed HTML apps like Twitter and Facebook, plus a handful of games
  • There is also Google Assistant, which works pretty well
  • Google Maps is serviceable too
  • You can download additional apps from the Kai Store too (although there’s very little there beyond a few paid games and a weather app)
  • Although KaiOS has some untapped future potential - one that could lead to a new and interesting class of smarter feature-phones at some point - however, in its current state, it's pretty limiting - and doesn't really compare to a smartphone OS
  • Navigation on KaiOS on the Nokia 8110 is also poor and functionality is diminished, even compared to what Jio is doing with the same platform
  • No WhatsApp, no Instagram
  • Slow user interface - can get pretty sluggish at times - oftentimes the phone doesn’t appear to react when you press a button, so you’ll press it again - then it does respond, twice - if you’re accustomed to the instantaneous responses of a modern smartphone, this will probably trip you up a lot at first - patience is the key with the 8110 4G – it will do what you say, but it might take a second or two


  • The Nokia 8110 4G’s 2MP sensor produces images that look just as poor as you’d expect - on outdoor shots, in particular, the contrast is bland and colours bleed into one another, and it can’t handle shadows or low light weather conditions at all
  • Video performance meanwhile is so bad it doesn’t warrant discussion at all, and to review your clips you have to go to a video menu in your phone that’s totally separate to your image gallery - just like the old days


  • Makes efficient use of the small battery pack, and gives you a 5-day+ battery life - something that today you can only realistically get from feature phones
  • Removable battery
  • Charging is painfully slow


  • The 8110, purely on feature set, and on paper, is a significant improvement over the previous Nokia Originals release, the 3310 - specifically, there are plenty of up-to-date connectivity options, including VoLTE, GPS, and Wi-Fi
  • It doesn't add up though - by including all these things, the 8110 4G is a little too connected for a retro-phone that many may seek out to be less connected to the world - and when you actually try and use these modern services afforded by KaiOS you quickly discover the tedium of trying to use a number pad and its T9 predictive text - in the end, the 8110 ends up being neither a I-will-disconnect-from-the-world feature-phone, nor a decent budget smartphone - it occupies a no-man's land, where it's hard to see it doing well
  • If you are after a featurephone with a numpad, there are arguably better value options out there, like the Nokia 216 - you might be sacrificing a slight bit of internal hardware, but like we mentioned earlier, the Series 30 OS has a much richer app collection
  • And, on the flip side, if you're not shopping for a less tech-inclined relative, who absolutely insists on a numerical pad and budget is the only concern, there is arguably more value to be had at the low end of the Android market - devices like the Xiaomi Redmi 6A or HMD's own entry-level Nokia 1 will provide a far better experience
  • Overall, the Nokia 8110 4G is a nice little novelty toy, but nothing more - get it if you're into that kind of thing - but not as a daily driver

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Nokia 8110 4G Specifications

Screen Size2.4 inches
Screen Resolution240x320 pixels (~ 167 pixels per inch)
Display TypeTFT LCD
Display Features
  • TFT
Processor1.1 GHz, Dual Core, Qualcomm Snapdragon 205
GPUAdreno 304
Internal Memory4 GB
Expandable Memory SlotYes, up to 32 GB
Battery Capacity1500 mAh
Battery Standby (3G)408 hrs
Battery Talktime (3G)7.00 hrs
Other Battery Parameters
  • Audio Playback Time: 48 hrs
  • VoLTE Talktime: Up to 9.3 hrs
  • Video Playback Time: Up to 6.1 hrs (720p)
Weight117 gmLight
Thickness14.9 mmThick
Width49.3 mmComfortable for one-handed use
Primary Camera2MP
Camera FlashYes
Connecting PortUSB
2G Internet (GPRS/EDGE)Yes
App StoreKaiStore
Water ResistantYes, IP52 Rated
Dust ResistantYes
FM RadioYes
  • Games: Snake
  • App: Google Search, Maps, Assistant, Facebook, Twitter

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