PhoneCurry was designed with one simple purpose: to help you make a simple, intelligent, well-informed decision on what phone to buy, from among an overwhelming choice (a curry, if you will) of phones launched every year

We felt it was one of the most important problems of choice to solve for an average person: after all, we spend a good 3-4 hours on average every day on this one device!

And here's how we thought about the value we were delivering, in financial terms:

This was the typical experience of an ordinary user...

1. Has a need for a new phone
2. Asks a few friends, reads a few reviews, comes to a decent, 'safe option' decision
3. Buys a decent value-for-money phone (if he/she spent some time doing research)

And this was the experience of a PhoneCurry user...

1. Has a need for a new phone
2. Comes to PhoneCurry, and inputs his/her requirement
3. Gets a real-time, exhaustively researched 'recommendation list' for his needs, built on top of phone reviews, launch dates, features, brand scores: effectively a powerful 'expert' recommendation for his/her needs, in less than 5 minutes
4. Makes a well-informed decision, and more often than not gets a much higher bang for his/her buck than otherwise
5. Our own calculations suggest that on average PhoneCurry's value-add has conservatively been about 10% of budget: so if you bought an INR 10k phone off PhoneCurry, we typically added INR 1k of value to your decision, by helping you get a better phone